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  • 2022. Enough said

    As I write my usual end-of-year summary, there is only one topic that can be in focus: The incredibly courageous response of the Ukrainian people with disabilities and their families facing genocidal Russian war. And alongside it, the solidarity and support provided by all of you in the European and international Inclusion community. What Inclusion […]

  • On resilience

    Reflections on Europe in Action to End Segregation conference, September, Brussels. Originally published on Inclusion Europe blog. Oh, it was so delightful to have people around for the 3 days of our Europe in Action to End Segregation conference last week. To be able to see and feel the other persons reactions, emotions, body language. […]

  • In conversation with… Podcast series on Inclusion Europe Radio

    Inclusion Europe Radio

    To tell about different stories, experiences, and perspectives on the work we are doing on Inclusion Europe. That is, broadly ;-), the aim of a new podcast series we started in April 2022 at Inclusion Europe Radio. The conversations are hosted by Soufiane El Amrani and me (sometimes, I go it alone). Listen to the […]

  • 2021 at Inclusion Europe, and related news

    Bringing you an overview of news, reports, policies covered in Include newsletter this year. Subscribe here not to miss anything next time around. * And a bit of other stuff, too. Oh, and this was 2020 by the way. Hello. I hope you find this a useful reminder of some things that happened this year. When it’s […]

  • Better job opportunities for people with intellectual disabilities

    Soufiane El Amrani and Milan Šveřepa wrote an article about employment, published in Dutch here. Below is an English version: „As a person with intellectual disabilities I think it is important for all people with intellectual disabilities to have a job like everyone else,“ says Soufiane El Amrani, self-advocacy and easy-to-read officer at Inclusion Europe. „Having a job […]

  • Build relationships, not houses

    Last 2 days have been about learning how supporting living works in Greece, and how to improve it and make it available to many more people. It was a conference in Athens, held by Estia to mark 10 years of providing supported living services. They kindly invited me to talk about support for independent living and inclusion to […]

  • Thank you to Luk Zelderloo as he steps down from EASPD

    These are the last working days for Luk Zelderloo as EASPD secretary general. I would like to share some words. Luk has built EASPD over the past 25 years from an idea to a significant presence in EU disability affairs. (Sometimes too significant for my liking, but that is for another time 😉) We can […]

  • Voter suppression? That’s fine by us says European Court of Human Rights

    Written for Inclusion Europe 13 September 2021. When the news is filled with clawing away of people’s rights, and chipping away on the rule of law, what does a democratic-minded person do to keep hopeful and level-headed? We look up to the institutions charged with protecting them, of course. But what does one do when […]

  • Just some work from last year which, in retrospect, makes me happy.

    Ambitions. Rights. Belonging

    I don’t know about you but I don’t find project reporting particularly enjoyable. It doesn’t help when it is all about a year which itself was incredibly hard. But there is one element to it which is quite gratifying: seeing all of the year’s work collected and summarised together. It gives you a perspective on […]

  • Neglect and discrimination multiplied

    The pandemic made existing problems, discrimination and segregation worse

    Inclusion Europe has published a new report on how the coronavirus and the measures implemented in response to the pandemic have impacted on the rights and lives of people with intellectual disabilities. It makes for grim reading, finding that the discrimination and neglect faced by those with intellectual disabilities worsened during the pandemic. Politico.eu The Inclusion Europe […]