End-of-year reading and listening recommendations

As many do at the end of a year, I also shared some reading and listening recommendations from 2021.

  • 🕵️‍♀️ This series of Investigate Europe articles on private money in old people care is definitely worth the time of anyone interested in social services.
  • 🔥 Inclusion Dialogue podcast is always very interesting to get new insights and inspiration around inclusive education. This episode is particularly enjoyable for the pure fire.
  • 📗 Narrowed lives will broaden your perspective. This book by Simo Vehmas and Reetta Mietola needs to be read as widely as possible. It is about people with complex support needs, based on history and research in Finland, but applicable all over. It is free to download too.

Of course I have to also throw in our own stuff:

And finally, although this is cheating a bit as I read it in 2020, I strongly recommend The Economics of Belonging.

  • Read it not for its financial stuff (who cares 😉 but because it’s perfect description of what social policy should be (but sadly hasn’t been for a very long time).
  • It is also a good book for understanding the shifts in economic and financial thinking taking place around us.