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  • Transformation of services for persons with disabilities – summary of report by UN Special Rapporteur

    Gerard Quinn, the UN Special Rapporteur on the rights of persons with disabilities, published a report on transformation of services for people with disabilities. I tried to summarise. (Written for Inclusion Europe.) The report calls for support services to implement these changes: Services based on personhood, focused on supporting personal development and inclusion in the community. Policy […]

  • The impact of Covid-19 pandemic on the rights of persons with intellectual disabilities: evidence from disability and self-advocates organisations in Europe

    Book cover: Disability welfare policy in Europe: Cognitive Disability and the Impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic

    László Bercse, Helen Portal and I contributed to a book about the impact of Covid pandemic on people with disabilities. Our chapter is based on Inclusion Europe report called Neglect and discrimination: Multiplied – How Covid-19 affected the rights of people with intellectual disabilities and their families. The book also covers: impact on mental health of children; how the […]

  • End-of-year reading and listening recommendations

    As many do at the end of a year, I also shared some reading and listening recommendations from 2021. 🕵️‍♀️ This series of Investigate Europe articles on private money in old people care is definitely worth the time of anyone interested in social services. 🔥 Inclusion Dialogue podcast is always very interesting to get new […]

  • Better job opportunities for people with intellectual disabilities

    Soufiane El Amrani and Milan Šveřepa wrote an article about employment, published in Dutch here. Below is an English version: „As a person with intellectual disabilities I think it is important for all people with intellectual disabilities to have a job like everyone else,“ says Soufiane El Amrani, self-advocacy and easy-to-read officer at Inclusion Europe. „Having a job […]

  • Build relationships, not houses

    Last 2 days have been about learning how supporting living works in Greece, and how to improve it and make it available to many more people. It was a conference in Athens, held by Estia to mark 10 years of providing supported living services. They kindly invited me to talk about support for independent living and inclusion to […]

  • Opposition to inclusion is a refusal to accept people who differ

    From Reporting Democracy: Opposition to the desegregation of Czech schools is being used by extremist politicians to attract mainstream voters, including the middle class who worry about the effect on their children from the inclusive policy. Over 30% of all Roma pupils attended special schools in 2014, compared with an average of 2% for non-Roma, […]

  • Disability strategy: EU should be the change it wants to see

    Today (1 July 2020) Inclusion Europe contributed to a consultation on the next European Disability Strategy, organised by Helena Dalli, EU Commissioner for Equality. Alongside other EU disability organisations Inclusion Europe recognises the significance of the strategy to date. And we know very well what we want from the next one. Clear direction matters. (Of course we are not the only ones to have high expectations.) […]

  • 4 eventful years at Inclusion Europe

    Inclusion Europe annual reports covers

    This week (25 August 2020), it has been 4 years since I joined Inclusion Europe. Eventful, that’s what we could call them. It makes me feel really proud being allowed to follow up on the great work and legacy created by my predecessors. Working on so many important issues alongside great, dedicated colleagues across the organisation, […]