Protecting people with intellectual disabilities and their families during russian war on Ukraine

Key parts of Inclusion Europe work to support people with intellectual disabilities and families in Ukraine:

Fundraising and financial support

There are 14,000 families brought together by our member in Ukraine alone. Many of them without jobs, pensions because of the war.

Inclusion Europe launched an emergency fundraiser to help them.

By mid-April, we raised and transferred € 300,000 to local organisations of people with intellectual disabilities and their families.

Telling the world about their situation

Report: One month of the Russian war on Ukraine in the words of families of people with intellectual disabilities – Inclusion Europe (

Press conference: “Weeks of horror. And we cannot possibly escape.”

“NGOs are at the forefront providing support to refugees with disabilities,” organisations in Moldova, Poland, Romania, Czechia tell us

Media coverage

My appearance on Al Jazeera English 11 April:

Other broadcast media:

Helen Portal in Euractiv: We must not forget people with disabilities in Ukraine

New York Times: What Happened on Day 15 of Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine

Reuters: Fate of Ukrainians with disabilities a ‘crisis within a crisis’

The Independent: Millions with disabilities ‘abandoned’ in Ukraine, charities fear

CNN: People with disabilities and mobility issues find themselves trapped in Kyiv

There were many more articles and broadcasts, including in different languages around Europe and the world, and 2 mentions in Politico Brussels Playbook.

Updates January 2023:

Dedicated issue of Europe for us magazine (4/2022) in easy-to-read.

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