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  • It can be done: Report on social care written to be read and understood

    I was supposed to have a day off work that Friday. I was supposed to spend it off social media too. But I did neither, and I’m very happy with that. The day before, the United Kingdom’s House of Lords (parliament’s second chamber) published a report by its Adult Social Care Committee called “A gloriously […]

  • In conversation with… Podcast series on Inclusion Europe Radio

    Inclusion Europe Radio

    To tell about different stories, experiences, and perspectives on the work we are doing on Inclusion Europe. That is, broadly ;-), the aim of a new podcast series we started in April 2022 at Inclusion Europe Radio. The conversations are hosted by Soufiane El Amrani and me (sometimes, I go it alone). Listen to the […]

  • Protecting people with intellectual disabilities and their families during russian war on Ukraine

    Key parts of Inclusion Europe work to support people with intellectual disabilities and families in Ukraine: Fundraising and financial support There are 14,000 families brought together by our member in Ukraine alone. Many of them without jobs, pensions because of the war. Inclusion Europe launched an emergency fundraiser to help them. By mid-April, we raised […]

  • Just some work from last year which, in retrospect, makes me happy.

    Ambitions. Rights. Belonging

    I don’t know about you but I don’t find project reporting particularly enjoyable. It doesn’t help when it is all about a year which itself was incredibly hard. But there is one element to it which is quite gratifying: seeing all of the year’s work collected and summarised together. It gives you a perspective on […]

  • 4 eventful years at Inclusion Europe

    Inclusion Europe annual reports covers

    This week (25 August 2020), it has been 4 years since I joined Inclusion Europe. Eventful, that’s what we could call them. It makes me feel really proud being allowed to follow up on the great work and legacy created by my predecessors. Working on so many important issues alongside great, dedicated colleagues across the organisation, […]