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Checklist to ensure EU-funded measures contribute to independent living by developing and ensuring access to family-based and community-based services

The purpose of the publication is to ensure EU funds contribute to independent living and inclusion in the community.

The checklist helps in designing policies and funding for:

  • Transition from institutional to family-based and community-based services for children, persons with disabilities, persons with mental health problems and elderly persons;
  • Development of quality family-based and community-based services;
  • Prevention of separation of children, including with disabilities, from their families.

The document can be a really useful tool for deciding about what kind of social care services are useful for inclusion, and what kind of service set-up is better avoided because it leads to segregation.

Being included in the community versus being segregated in an institution

Download it here.

I was leading the work on behalf of the EEG, alongside co-authors from Hope and Homes for Children.

Published in November 2019.