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  • Disability strategy: EU should be the change it wants to see

    Today (1 July 2020) Inclusion Europe contributed to a consultation on the next European Disability Strategy, organised by Helena Dalli, EU Commissioner for Equality. Alongside other EU disability organisations Inclusion Europe recognises the significance of the strategy to date. And we know very well what we want from the next one. Clear direction matters. (Of course we are not the only ones to have high expectations.) […]

  • 4 eventful years at Inclusion Europe

    Inclusion Europe annual reports covers

    This week (25 August 2020), it has been 4 years since I joined Inclusion Europe. Eventful, that’s what we could call them. It makes me feel really proud being allowed to follow up on the great work and legacy created by my predecessors. Working on so many important issues alongside great, dedicated colleagues across the organisation, […]

  • „Země pro budoucnost“ aneb Zpátky do zoufalosti

    Czechia for the future

    Původně publikované na LinkedIn 18.12.2019. Když na konci srpna 2019 ministr Havlíček oznámil nový branding české inovační strategie, bylo to na povytažení obočí. Teď se z toho najednou stala vizuální identita pro všechna ministerstva, a už jde do tuhého. Ta značka je naprosto zběsilá a bylo by záhodno, aby si to někdo vlivný uvědomil dřív, než se v tom utopí (další?) miliony. Angličtina? Jak […]

  • Deinstitutionalisation essentially is a struggle for independence

    First published on Inclusion Europe website 3 May 2019. On 11 April I went to Romania to speak at a seminar about deinstitutionalisation and people with intellectual disabilities. The seminar was organised by the European Commission and the Romanian authorities. I was there as a co-chair of the European Expert Group on the Transition from Institutional […]

  • Deinstitutionalisation means ensuring people are in full control of their life

    First published on Inclusion Europe website 19 March 2019. I spent 2 days in Croatia last week learning about the situation of children and of adults with intellectual disabilities being segregated in institutions. I listened to Croatian experts and activists at a seminar organised by the Association for Self Advocacy (a member of Inclusion Europe) and ENIL. The […]